The best Packet Loss Test on the internet

Have you ever struggled to diagnose a network issue, especially RTSP issues with latency and packet loss bing a culprit? The traditional PING command in your terminal doesn't cut it, it doesn't send enough data fast enough to cause issues with packet loss and jitter. helps by showing a beautiful graph of the test and allows you to change a TON of parameters to help get to the bottom of what could be causing the packet loss and in my case jitter and poor performance.

graph of packet loss data

When trying to troubleshoot NVIDIA GeForce NOW poor performance, I ran a number of tests on my computer, helping me determine if it was my ISP or my home computer.

Turns out, it was my home computer. I'm not sure what is running on my mac, but when I see periodic interruptions like this - a simple reboot of my mac tends to solve the issue.

Below were my settings I used if you're also having trouble with poor RTSP streaming performance.

Settings for Packet Loss Test

Here is a test a ran after rebooting the computer.

good results after reboot